Do you want to join the work at home craze? Are you a mom who has dropped out of the workforce to raise a family? Are your data entry skills a bit rusty? Are you eager for a weekly paycheck again?

Every day, more and more people are realizing the countless benefits of having worked at a home online job. But the problem is that most work at home online jobs available usually involve some clerical skills and some people, moms especially, have not had the privilege of practicing their skills at this. So their data entry skills may be a little bit rusty, they may not type super-fast, or they may use their computers mainly for email transmission only.

If you think that you’re one of these moms looking for a home-based career that is other than clerical, then do not fret. Work at home online jobs abound. Below are a few samples of work at home online jobs that you can take on.

Web Guides

The need for web or Internet guides is dramatically rising. There are several sites out there that specialize in distributing unique information to the millions of Internet surfers out there. These sites usually require knowledgeable personnel to constantly update and maintain information for site visitors. This is an excellent work at home online job opportunity which you can take advantage of. All you need is to identify what your passion is or which field you consider yourself an expert in, and you are sure to find work at a home online job as a web guide.

Proofing and Editing Positions

Online newsletters are experiencing an influx and along with this, work at home online jobs such as proofing and editing will also increase. Practically every day, new sites are cropping up requiring proofreaders and editors to correct the grammar, punctuation, and overall writing of the newsletters that they plan to distribute.


Our society is called the mobile society and as such, people from all parts of the world are constantly being brought together. This in turn is creating a huge need for those who are bi-lingual. If you have strong language skills, work at a home online job as a translator may be the job you’re looking for.

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