A favorite type of food that almost everyone craves during the summer is barbecue. Biting into a richly flavored rack of ribs or chewing on a chicken leg that’s smothered in barbecue sauce is just plain delicious.

It seems like everyone and their Grandmother has a recipe for their favorite sauce to use on the barbecue. For some, it’s a bottled sauce that they swear is the best they’ve ever had, while for others the barbecue sauce recipe they use has been passed on from generation to generation and is as closely guarded a secret as you’ll ever find.

If you’re not fortunate enough to have an ancestor with a love of all things grilled, you’re probably going to spend a good deal of time trying to find the perfect barbecue sauce recipe. Unless you are willing to settle for the bottled variety, it’s a trek that is filled with tasty treats.

There are a ton of great resources when it comes to finding more information on barbecuing. The first place you might want to start is with the cookbooks you already have. Almost every cookbook has at least one recipe for a good barbecue sauce. Depending on the cookbook’s focus it might even be a spicy or Cajun-style barbecue sauce recipe. It’s really a question of hit-and-miss at this point, so why not whip up a batch of barbecue sauce and give it a try?

One drawback to delving into the world of grilling sauce in this way is that many of the older cookbooks haven’t taken healthy eating into consideration. You may stumble on a great barbecue sauce recipe that is filled with fat. Although this is bound to be incredibly good, it’s not going to be as great for your well-being.

Fat-free sauces have become the rage and honestly there are a number of great sauces specifically for grilling that taste fantastic. The key to finding a good barbecue sauce recipe that is heart-healthy seems to be in the base. If the recipe calls for heavy oil such as vegetable oil, this is going to add not only considerable calories but a good deal more fat as well.

I’d have to say, from my own personal experience, that it’s really a matter of personal taste. I used a standard barbecue sauce recipe and then played with the spice combinations. My family prefers food that is hotter and more robust, so I threw in extra cumin and chili powder and now everyone is happy when we eat grilled food.

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