Each of us possesses an untapped potential within. We are all destined to be someone and achieve something in the course of our lives. However, due to the multitude of challenges and obstacles that we encounter every day, we neglect that we have this capacity to achieve our goals, and be the best person we can become. The fire of potential is not kindled but instead seized. What most people fail to understand is that it is only in accepting and utilizing this potential that we will fully realize its amazing and powerful impact in improving our lives.

In the course of our pursuit of reaching our full potential, several obstacles may get in the way. Often, these hindrances are not material. Instead, they are nothing more than self-limiting beliefs that stop us from getting to where we want to be or being what we are meant to become. It is fear, anguish, and worry that tops the list in hampering people from finding the positive that life has to offer.

Foremost, this is brought about by fear. In psychology, ‘fear of failure’ or ‘fear of success’ are terms often used to explain why people hold themselves back. ‘Fear of failure’ is what it literally suggests. Nobody wants to fail utterly. It is difficult to accept defeat. On the other hand, the ‘fear of success’ is not as easy to analyze. Success is not universally a positive thing. It changes one’s life in one way or another. Fear of success somehow translates to the fear of what may come with success. Achieving success for some people may lead to one’s losing a sense of purpose. Since the goal he was aiming at has already been attained, he finds no more purpose in pursuing any more goals. Also, take, for example, someone who aspires to make a breakthrough in science may just be able to achieve his goal, but succeeding may cause that person to be in the limelight – giving speeches at conferences, facing both praises and criticisms, and even incurring the envy of his colleagues. Because of this fear of being exposed and succumbing to a public life, people may just be content with being themselves and blend with the crowd. They no longer seek for more by furthering or enhancing their chosen craft. Somewhere along the way, progress stops, and the full potential within waiting to be freed is curtailed.

Though imagining success may be able to bring out your desire to reach for your full potential, it is rather important to aim for development and not really focus on victory. To fail is inevitable, while success may be short-lived, but the lessons and learning you will derive from it will definitely allow you to understand and appreciate yourself more. It will aid you in knowing your limits and/or how much further you are able to push yourself.

Psychologists encourage people who are seeking to reach their full potential to not focus on the material aspects of achieving something. Instead, they must aim more for personal development, which comes with a longer-lasting effect than tangible rewards. Looking towards personal fulfillment gives the much-needed inspiration to discover how far you can go.

It is a must to set your targets high, but be sure to keep your expectations level with reality as well. Do not satisfy yourself with the way things are. Crave to discover your capabilities. Challenge yourself.

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